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Truest Farms

We strive to produce food in its truest form using nature and ethics as a guide to provide local, sustainable nutrition for all to enjoy.

We are a 21 acre farm located in Mechanicsburg, OH. In January of 2021 Truest Farms LLC was established and so began our adventure. We are a first generation family farm that has invested everything we have to live our dream of operating a farm and producing nutritious food. All of the food at Truest Farms is produced with regenerative practices in mind with an emphasis on utilizing animals’ natural behaviors to rebuild our soils and reduce carbon in the atmosphere.

Our Dedicated Team

Cory Stratton

Co-Owner & Farm Operations Manager

Cory, along with his wife, Kirsten, and daughter, Claire, live on farm. Cory works full-time as Farm Operations Manager along with his favorite farm hand, Claire. Cory graduated from OSU with a degree in Environmental Science and spent nearly 10 years in the food industry. The combination of his education, food service experience, and lifelong love of farming led to a passion for regenerative agriculture.

Kirsten Stratton


Kirsten received degrees from OSU and Columbus State Community College in Animal Science and Veterinary Technology, respectively. She works full-time off the farm as a registered Veterinary Technician. Her knowledge and expertise help maintain the highest standard of care for our animals. Kirsten’s desire for self-reliance and eating healthy food led to a passion for farming and foraging on her own land. Since moving to the farm Kirsten has become the official foraging guide as well as recipe tester.

Mark Stratton


Mark grew up working dairy farms until he enlisted in the U.S. Air Force. As a retired veteran he now supports our nation’s military as a contractor. Despite having multiple rewarding careers, Mark has consistently stated that nothing made him smile more than when he was farming. He now invests much of his free time working with his son, Cory, at Truest Farms. Mark works on all key infrastructure for the farm as well as assisting with many on-going projects and tasks. Mark particularly enjoys his role as tractor and machinery expert.

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Regenerative family farm serving Central Ohio.

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