How we Raise our

Pasture-raised lamb

Our Katahdin lambs are sourced from Harrison Farm in Groveport, OH. This breed of sheep is particularly hardy on pasture and thrives on a diverse selection of plants.

Rotational grazing

Our lambs are moved to fresh pasture every 1-3 days utilizing mobile electric fencing. Our sheep are provided shade which reduces stress and maximizes comfort.


Our pastures are recently converted fields that were used to grow corn and soy for several years. We have not applied fertilizer or used herbicides to kill weeds. Instead we rely on our animals to stimulate growth through grazing what has naturally grown in the pasture while also providing fertilizer through their droppings. Because our forage is not high quality (yet!) we supplement a small amount of grain to keep our lambs happy and healthy.


Regenerative family farm serving Central Ohio.

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