How we raise our Chickens

Chick care

Our chicks are sourced from Mount Healthy Hatchery in Cincinnati, Ohio. Each batch of chicks are personally picked up from the hatchery just hours after they are born. This reduces stress for the chicks and allows us to provide care from day 1. The first 2-3 weeks they will spend their lives in the brooders. Once they are old enough to tolerate the overnight temperatures, they are moved on to the pasture.

Rotational Grazing

Our chickens are moved every day to fresh pasture where they can forage on grass and bugs. Our handmade chicken tractors provide shade and protection from predators while giving them access to the pasture.

Natural Foraging

In addition to the grass and bugs foraged from the pasture, our chickens are provided  supplemental nutrients essential to their well-being in the form of a non- GMO feed.


Regenerative family farm serving Central Ohio.

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