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untrimmed beaks

We specifically source laying hens that meet our humane standards. Our hens come from Northeast Pennsylvania where they are grown in low density, provided non-GMO feed from day 1 and their beaks remain untrimmed. Conventional operations typically raise their hens in confinement  and  trim their beaks to minimize injury resulting from the flocks' hierarchical pecking behavior.  Because our birds are given plenty of spacing and fresh pasture to forage we do not need to follow this industry standard. Instead, our hens remain in their truest form!   At 16 weeks these hens arrive at the farm and move right out on pasture.

Rotational Grazing

Our laying flock is moved to fresh pasture every 3-5 days. Their mobile coop is made from a refurbished RV and houses 300 birds. The hens sleep and lay their eggs in the RV but otherwise spend their day roaming and foraging in the nearly 7,000 sq ft fenced in pasture.

Natural Foraging

Pasture-raised hens supplement their diet with natural forage found in the pasture, including grasses, clover, and other plants. This not only enhances the nutritional quality of their eggs but also reduces reliance on supplemental feed, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly egg production system.


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