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Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative agriculture is a sustainable farming approach that prioritizes soil health and ecosystem restoration. It involves practices like cover cropping, rotational grazing, and minimal tillage to enhance soil fertility and biodiversity. By mimicking natural processes, regenerative farming promotes resilience and sustainability for small farms. This method not only boosts crop yields but also helps capture and store carbon in the soil, contributing to climate change mitigation. For small regenerative farms, this approach offers a practical and environmentally conscious path to long-term success, creating a healthier and more balanced food production system.

Regenerative Agriculture Practices


Rotational Grazing

All of our livestock are rotated on pasture receiving access to fresh air, sunlight, bugs and grass. In return they stimulate growth and fertilize the soil. This results in nutrient rich soil which has an increased capacity to remove carbon from the air and retain water. All of this leads to a healthier environment.

No Synthetic Fertilizers

Our pastures rely 100% on our animals for added fertilizer. As the animals are rotated through the pasture, they fertilize with their droppings. Once the animals are moved, the land is allowed to rest for several weeks. This prevents over-grazing and over-fertilization. The result is luscious green grass and higher quality forage.

No Pesticides, herbicides, or insecticides

We use natural methods to solve for weeds and unwanted "pests".  All of our animals

eliminate unwanted plants in the pasture through selective grazing. We rotate our birds behind our pigs and sheep to reduce fly populations. Our thriving wild bird, frog, and bat populations also keep unwanted bugs in check. And we rely on barn cats to keep rodents out of our structures. By eliminating toxins we keep our animals safe and also avoid harming other beneficial creatures on the farm.

Increased Biodiversity

We believe in growing food surrounded by nature and a thriving population of wildlife. In addition to converting 11 acres of tillable land over to pasture we are also committing to expanding habitat for wildlife by adding trees into the pasture. This creates a balanced ecosystem that provides shade and food for our livestock, blocks wind for our structures, and reduces the threat of predators to our livestock.

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